Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy

Literacy Through Orton-Gillingham for Improved Competency

Tier 1 group instruction.

The proof is in the data.

LOGIC lessons are highly structured to provide maximum success.

They provide flexibility in implementation for teachers to incorporate their own personality and creativity.

LOGIC Reading Program

LOGIC is a multisensory reading and spelling program that has been found to be successful as Tier 1 intervention program for all students in general education programs, as a Tier 2 intervention program for remedial reading and academic support services, as well as an intensive individualized program for students in need of Tier 3 instruction.

The major focus of LOGIC is to insure that students are able to decode at an appropriate rate for their age and with a high degree of accuracy. Decoding is the gateway to comprehension, so it is essential that students are able to read the words on the page with automaticity.

Spelling is a conventional literacy skill necessary for developing both reading and writing. Research conducted by Graham and Heibert in 2010 found that when taught together, reading and spelling are mutually beneficial, providing additional opportunities for students to apply common patterns that the brain looks for. LOGIC is an integrated reading and spelling program that increases student achievement in both reading and writing.

About the LOGIC reading program

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Teachers and Parents Share Their Thoughts about The LOGIC Reading Program

I love working with your program and feel like it has transformed the way I can help children be successful!

Kenny W. July, 2011

I’ve learned a lot about the patterns of letters, and I’ve gained an awesome resource to use with intensive students.

Richard S. September 2011

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