Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy


logo-booksLOGIC is a systematic and explicit reading and spelling program designed to make the Orton-Gillingham approach available to all teachers who are trained in its implementation. It has an established scope and sequence that begins with the most simple elements of the English language and becomes more and more complex from lesson and one phase to the next.

LOGIC lessons are pre written for teachers, but they are not scripted. Teachers have the freedom to implement the lessons in the way that they are most comfortable.

LOGIC lessons provide distributed practice so that students can continue to practice previously taught skills while learning new ones. Additional practice can be provided for students who struggle with a particular skill.

Decodable text is provided for each lesson from Lesson 7 on. Students are taught to read words, sentences, and then paragraphs once they have mastered enough skills to make that possible.

LOGIC lessons include additional grammar, mechanics, and comprehension activities that complement the phonics skills that are being taught.

LOGIC has been shown to be a successful program in all tiers of intervention from core instruction to special education. The teacher’s manuals contain all of the necessary information to implement the program with integrity.