Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy



  • LOGIC training and materials are affordable. They make precious dollars go a long way!
  • The LOGIC Implementation Integrity Checklist makes it easy for administrators to insure that LOGIC is being implemented with fidelity.
  • LOGIC eliminates the need for costly spelling and grammar books.
  • LOGIC lessons delivered with fidelity insure that the 16 elements of explicit instruction, as described by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes, is occurring within each lesson.
  • LOGIC insures that students are receiving rigorous and relevant instruction in spelling and reading.
  • LOGIC insures that the Foundational Skills of the Common Core learning standards are fulfilled, as are the essential elements of many of the other strands.
  • Job embedded coaching is available to teachers to assist them with implementation.
  • LOGIC training provides teachers with background knowledge in the 5 essential elements of reading instruction and the most current science and research in the field so that teachers can make informed instructional decisions.
  • Costly ancillary materials are not required in order to achieve desired student outcomes.
  • LOGIC can be provided to both large and small groups of students. It is designed so that it can be used in all tiers of a multi-leveled approach to assessing a student’s response to intervention.