Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy


Must we implement all sections of a LOGIC lesson?

Yes. In order for students to receive the maximum benefit from LOGIC instruction, all parts of the lesson must be included in the lesson presentation. The first 5 sections of the lesson are the review and practice students need in order to master the skills that have been taught. The more practice students have, the more automatic their reading and spelling skills will become.

Must the whole lesson be taught in one sitting?

No. The first 5 parts of the lesson should be taught in one sitting, but it is possible to teach the new skill and practice reading the connected text in the next lesson. The grammar skills, other language, and comprehension pages may be taught once the new skill has been taught. There are strategies for shortening a lesson in the teacher’s manual in the Teaching Tips section.

May we order the manuals directly from the company?

No. It is essential that teachers have training from the publisher in how to implement LOGIC lessons with fidelity. It is also essential that teachers understand the science behind the LOGIC program that makes it so successful. Teachers also need to understand the corrective feedback process and practice identifying errors and responding with the correct questions to bring students to correction.

May an updated version of the manual be purchased if a teacher has already been trained in the LOGIC phase that is being requested?

Contact One L Publishing to discuss this option.