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logo-books-mdOne L Publishing requires that any teacher, tutor, or parent who implements LOGIC has training from the company to maintain the integrity of the Orton-Gillingham approach and to insure that instructors understand the content as well as the process. LOGIC is an atypical mainstream program that relies on the fidelity of the instructor to produce the greatest effects. Materials are not made available to anyone who has not been trained by One L Publishing.

Implementation of LOGIC as a core program is progressive. Teachers must know the content that they are going to teach, but they must also know the content that their students have learned previously. Success with any instruction, in large part, lies in the quality and frequency of cognitive corrective feedback. Teachers are unable to consistently bring students to correction without knowledge of what they were previously taught. Therefore, in a typical K-5 program, all teachers would be trained and would implement Phase 1 in year 1, but in year 2, only grades 1-5 would be trained and would implement Phase 2, and so on. For the students, this is approach is essential because the skills taught in LOGIC are sequential. They will not be successful if they have not learned the building blocks of knowledge and skill that precede their current grade level.

If LOGIC is used in secondary and/or tertiary intervention programs, students need to be assessed using the Visual and Auditory assessments, beginning with Phase 1. Teachers are instructed in how to administer the LOGIC assessments and to analyze results to design individual or group intervention plans dependent upon what the student knew in isolation ad what he still needs to learn.

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