Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy

Lesson Plan

comprehensive-trainingThe LOGIC lesson plans have 7 parts. The first 5 parts are a multi sensory review of previously taught content with a particular emphasis on new material taught in the last 12 lessons.

The review parts of each lesson plan include:

  1. The Visual Drill – a symbol/sound, rule, and syllable type practice directly related to decoding
  2. The Auditory Drill – a sound/symbol written (spelling of sounds) practice directly related to encoding
  3. Read Words – decoding words that feature skills from the last 10 lessons
    Sight Word Reading – reading a new irregularly spelled word 5 lessons in a row
  4. Dictated Spelling – word spelling featuring the last 12 elements/spelling rules taught
    Sight Word Spelling – spelling an irregularly spelled sight word that was practiced in the Read Words section for 5 days
  5. Dictated Sentences – sentence dictation that incorporates only previously taught elements and provides practice with writing mechanics

The New Material parts of the lesson include:

  1. The new skill or sound/symbol
    Read Words with the new element
    Dictated Spelling of words with the new element
  2. Reading decodable text featuring this lesson’s new skill or sound/symbol

There are 84 lessons in Phase 1 and 80 lessons in subsequent phases.

LOGIC is a systematic and explicit reading and spelling program. The 16 elements of explicit instruction espoused by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes explicitinstruction.org are met when the LOGIC lesson is taught with fidelity.