Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy

LOGIC and the CCSS

logo-booksLOGIC is a rigorous reading and spelling program that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The LOGIC scope and sequence primarily addresses the Foundational Skills of the CCSS and the spelling skills of the Language standards. In addition, recently revised versions of the LOGIC lesson plans include grammar, writing, and the response to literature and informational text.

LOGIC has maintained the teaching of blends and all 6-syllable types even though they are not mentioned in the CCSS. One L Publishing also promotes the inclusion of a formal handwriting program in grades K-5, even though handwriting per se is not included as an instructional target in the CCSS.

Because the LOGIC scope and sequence is designed to insure that students are given the earliest, most logical, appropriate opportunities to read and spell, some skills are taught earlier in LOGIC than they are addressed in the CCSS. When the CCSS says use, LOGIC expects that students are reading and writing what is taught, not just using the skills in their speaking.