Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy


for-parentsNot every brain is wired for reading in the same way. For some children, learning to read and spell can be very frustrating, but that is no reason to feel hopeless. Sometimes the reading programs that are used in schools are not the best fit for all children, so other options must be pursued. LOGIC is an integrated reading and spelling program that teaches children the way the English language is organized. Through LOGIC, children are taught the letters that represent the sounds that are heard when we speak and the rules of spelling that help children to read and spell unfamiliar words. Every element of the language is explained in detail and practiced until children become automatic in applying the skills they have been taught. LOGIC is an explicit and systematic program that leaves nothing for the student to figure out on her own.

LOGIC is used in schools as a primary program provided to the whole class, in small group settings as a supplemental intervention, in intensive programs, and is also used by trained tutors and parents. If you want to know how to access LOGIC instruction for your child, contact us.