Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy

Scope and Sequence

logo-booksThe LOGIC scope and sequence is built on the Archer/Hughes principle of teaching skills logically…teaching easier skills before harder skills, teaching high-frequency skills before skills that are less frequent in usage, teaching the prerequisites to a skill before teaching the skill itself, and separating skills and strategies that are similar and thus may be confusing to students.

The scope and sequence is designed so that the highest utility spellings are taught in order to facilitate reading and spelling as quickly as possible. Kindergarten students learn to read words by Lesson 3 and are able to read simple sentences by Lesson 7.

The LOGIC scope and sequence also embodies Archer/Hughes’ principle A4. in that complex skills and strategies are broken into smaller instructional units and then are synthesized into the whole, e.g. the progression from sound/symbol, to word, to sentence, to connected text.