Explicit, systematic instruction in the essential skills of literacy

Teachers and Tutors

  • Lesson plans are written and ready to implement 
    • Lessons contain all the content that needs to be delivered, but they allow for each teacher’s flexibility and creativity while delivering instruction
  • No more searching for skill-based passages! 100% decodable text is included with each lesson, starting with lesson #7
  • Each manual includes “how to” directions for implementing each part of the lesson plan and “teaching tips” on ways to solve frequently occurring problems like time management
  • No need for a separate spelling, language, or grammar programs
    • Skills are included in lessons as they apply to the skills that are taught and the words that created as a result 
      • These skills are integrated, not taught separately
  • Visual Drill flash cards now include the questions that teachers should present to her students, complete with the answers the students should provide
    • Corrective feedback questions are provided in the manual based on the common errors students often make
  • Common Core standards are notated on the lessons
  • Background knowledge is provided to the teacher in the New Material section of the lesson plan to provide deeper understanding of spelling rules and word origins
  • Assessments are built in!
    • Individual assessments are designed to identify student skill gaps in order to determine individual instructional needs
    • Formative assessment is easy to manage even within a whole group of students
    • 3 Oral Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessments are included in each Phase of LOGIC, along with the average fluency and accuracy rates of hundreds of students who were administered the same assessment
    • Progress Monitoring assessments that measure sentence reading, comprehension, and word reading are included for Phase 1 every 6 lessons.
    • Directions for administering and scoring the assessments are included

LOGIC makes providing explicit and systematic reading and spelling instruction easy and effective!